Posted on by Tyrone Brösel


You know - it belongs to Him, it belongs to the father of lights who gives us every good & perfect gift- with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning.

Life hits us from every side, theres no silent minute to rest - but the questions we should ask ourselves are:


whom are we running to?

whom have we given the authority over our lives?


We gave the crown of our lives to money, lust, selfish desires, the world, idols & false prophets - maybe even to ourselves.

This might hurt - but not even we ourselves are allowed to wear the crown of our life. 


It belongs to the one:

who walked on water

who spoke for the storm to be still

who freed us from egypt & slavery of sin

who defeated & crushed the devil by taking up the cross & wearing the crown of thorns.


Are you still not convinced that He is the only one who should wear your life's crown?

Then join us in this journey of giving God back His crown, by putting Him first, by making him our No.1 priority, by seeking His kingdom first and his righteousness.




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